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SwiftPayMD (SPMD)™

A Better Way To Capture Charges

Iconic Data's SwiftPayMD™ is a charge capture, medical billing, and business intelligence platform used by healthcare providers and healthcare provider organizations.

SwiftPayMD™ helps its customers:

  • Capture lost charges;
  • Reduce working capital requirements by avoiding costly unnecessary days in accounts receivable; and
  • Obtain real time insights managers can act on by driving transparency in the revenue cycle management process.

Hospitals and physician practices that use SwiftPayMD™ are able to eliminate the hassle and clutter commonly associated with paper based medical billing processes, improve communication between providers, coders and billers and better manage their revenue cycle.

The Iconic Data SwiftPayMD (SPMD)™ platform includes the following modules:

The SwiftPayMD™ platform can be integrated with:

  • Practice management software systems;
  • Electronic health records systems;
  • Hospital admission, discharge, and transfer (ADT) feeds; and
  • Other hospital information systems.

SwiftPayMD™ is a cloud based offering. Getting started is as easy as "subscribe and go live."

All new customers receive a 30 day free trial. Sign up today at SwiftPayMD.com in 60 seconds or less.

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