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American Healthcare: The Startups are Coming

By: Kristi Essick
the network: Cisco Technology’s News Site

A new crop of healthcare startups are leveraging low-cost, ubiquitous technologies such as Internet of Everything (IoE), big data, wearables, cloud computing, and mobile apps in an attempt to disrupt the multitrillion-dollar US healthcare sector...Iconic Data, with its SwiftPayMD mobile app, helps doctors submit billing codes in snap... For more visit: the network: Cisco Technology’s News Site.

Health IT Co’s To Know: GoGo, Swiftpay, MediCast, Solo, PatientPad

By: Beth Kelly

Atlanta has positioned itself in the center of this emerging trend, to the delight of both consumers and venture capitalists. Here are five Atlanta-based medical app startups to know...Geared toward eliminating unnecessary paperwork and delays, SwiftpayMD utilizes the camera on a smartphone to snapshot patient information and files, which greatly alleviates the cost of manually inputting this information...The snapshot method, which is also used by many banks for check deposits, is expected to keep expanding into other industries... For more visit: Hypepotamus.

Top 5 Atlanta Healthcare Tech Startups

By: Kaylee York

SA has been searching the Atlanta Startup scene to track down the top Healthcare Tech apps that are receiving the most traction...Below we have highlighted the 5 most buzz-worthy Healthcare Tech Startups from the ATL (in no particular order)...SwiftPayMD. This app is for the medical facility’s back office, and it’s an invaluable resource. With the snap of a smartphone camera, SwiftPayMD logs patient info and... For more visit: SouthernAlpha.

App Spotlight: SwiftPayMD

By: Puni Rajah

SwiftPayMD by Iconic Data is an app used by physicians who see patients in the hospital but bill for those services from their office. SwiftPayMD captures billing data verbally via a mobile device and instantly delivers this information to the physician’s home office for posting eliminating the need for inefficient, paper-based processes... For more visit: HealthTechViews.

Doctor-Oriented Mobile Cloud Apps


The iPad has been a run-away success in the medical profession. This has led to activity by a number of apps companies to take advantage of the ease of use, flexibility and mobility of the devices...Based on interviews and other research, we discuss three of them...The Iconic Data--SwiftPayMD cloud-based system is focused on a more specific issue for doctors, namely billing...Their system allows entry from a mobile device, at the point of care, or whenever convenient for the doctor, to a secure HIPAA compliant cloud-based database. Thereupon the claims process for getting paid is initiated promptly... For more visit: MobileCloudEra.

Practice Management: Five must-have apps

By: Melanie Wolkoff Wachsman
Medical News

Practice management apps help physicians focus on patients rather than paperwork. Physician practices can lose 10 percent of their billable revenue through lost charges...Atlanta-based Iconic Data hopes to change this with SwiftPayMD. This revenue cycle management application for iPhones and iPads that allows physicians to immediately capture and post charges for all of the services provided for a particular patient... For more visit: Medical News.

Venture Atlanta Selects Presenting Companies

By: Venture Atlanta
Wall Street Journal Market Watch

Largest investor event in Georgia showcases the state’s technological innovation and entrepreneurial strengths. Presenters at this year’s event represent diverse technologies with many of the selected companies coming from Georgia’s top-performing business sectors, including information security, financial technology, communication services, health IT... For more visit: Wall Street Journal Market Watch.

Special Section: Funding the future...Venture Atlanta ready for the next evolution - Now Presenting...

By: Jessica Saunders and Urvaksh Karkaria
Atlanta Business Chronicle

Venture Atlanta is the largest not-for-profit venture showcase in the Southeast...Below and on the following pages you will find profiles of this year’s...companies...SwiftPayMD...Some $6 billion, 10 percent of the $60 billion of annual inpatient physician services revenue in the U.S., is lost each year because of inefficient paper-based charge capture used by physicians. The problem persists even in settings with electronic medical records systems... For more visit: Atlanta Business Chronicle.

Atlanta Startups Transforming the Business of Health Care

By: Ryan Schill
Venture Atlanta Newsletter

Two Atlanta startups are giving doctors affordable new tools to increase revenue, eliminate lost charges and manage their offices more efficiently, allowing doctors to focus on what they do best, providing their patients with excellent health care... For more visit: Venture Atlanta Newsletter.

11 Super Mobile Medical Apps

By: Stacy Peterson
InformationWeek Healthcare

Healthcare is in the middle of a mobile revolution...Here are 11 apps that stand out from the crowd. With Iconic Data's SwiftPayMD, doctors making hospital rounds can forget about carrying around those little cards to record patient diagnoses and billing codes. This iPad and iPhone app lets them record the information and immediately submit it to their home offices from the hospital, using speech technology. Electronic submission reduces errors from illegible writing and problems with lost paper cards. It also speeds up the billing process... For more visit: InformationWeek Healthcare.

Top 10 Tech Startups to Watch

By: Courtney Boyd , Editorial Intern
Atlanta Tribune

Two years ago...Our editors realized then what many national publications are finally catching onto: Atlanta has long been a hub...This year, AT rounded up a roster of technology innovators, some well-established and others ripening with ambition...Iconic Data Inc...Who they are: Iconic Data is a privately held provider of cloud-based health information technologies in Norcross, Ga. What they do: The company offers secure and encrypted mobile technology solutions for healthcare professionals: revenue cycle management, physician shift change sign-out organization, case log automation and accreditation data collection, to name a few... For more visit: Atlanta Tribune.

HealthIT Smart Brief: Technology Trends

Iconic Data has launched the SwiftPayMD mobile solution that allows doctors conducting hospital rounds to forward patient diagnosis and billing data to their offices. The app, which operates on Apple devices, can... For more visit: HealthIT Smart Brief: Technology Trends.

Mobile App Collects Rounds Data

Health Data Management

Atlanta-based Iconic Data has introduced a mobile application enabling physicians doing hospital rounds to submit patient diagnosis and billing information to their home office. The app, called SwiftPayMD, enables a physician to dictate patient information and billing codes... For more visit: Health Data Management.

New App Simplifies Billing Process for Doctors

By: Amanda Guerrero
Meaningful Use Network

Iconic Data, an Atlanta-based healthcare IT start-up, recently announced the release of its SwiftPayMD mobile app, a medical revenue cycle management tool for the iPhone and iPad. The voice-activated application...works with any billing system and is not dependent on healthcare practices having an EMR system... For more visit: Meaningful Use Network.

In depth live coverage of Healthbox digital health accelerator investor day

By: Brian Edwards

...this week I was back in Chicago for Healthbox Investor Day on Michigan Avenue. Below you can read my detailed live coverage...SwiftPayMD (@SwiftPayMD)...uses a mobile app and voice recognition technology at the point of care to help physicians capture billions of dollars in lost charges each year...and instantly deliver billing information to a physician’s home office billing staff. The end result is more revenue and cashflow for the physician’s practice... For more visit: iMedicalApps.

Healthbox Accelerator Ends On High Note At Investor Day

By: Michelle Doellman

The only app out of Healthbox comes from the Iconic Data team for SwiftPay MD. The app allows physicians who bill through their office for services rendered in the hospital to simply speak the patient and billing information to their smartphone, hit submit, and it will be received by their billers. For more visit: Techli.

Healthbox Investor Day Part 2

By: Travis Good
HIStalk Connect

SwiftPayMD. Named one of 17 game-changing health startups for 2012 by Inc magazine, you must be excited to hear about this one. The company has a mobile app that allows docs to speak encounter / billing info into it. This is then used to generate billing information that is sent back to the staff at the doc’s office. The value is better, more timely charge capture leading to a shorter revenue cycle. The ideal client is a private hospitalist or specialist that sees patients in a hospital… For more visit: HIStalk Connect.

Demo day: Healthbox Accelerator launches 1st class of 10 health startups

By: Kira M. Newman
Tech Cocktail

Demo day is wrapping up in Chicago as 10 new health startups launch to the public out of Healthbox...Here are the 10 startups...SwiftPayMD (Norcross, GA): A mobile app that allows traveling doctors to submit billing information immediately after an appointment, bringing in payment faster... For more visit: Tech Cocktail.

56 ‘Aha’ Moments That Triggered Business Ideas

Secret Entourage: Entrepreneur

We often hear the hardest part of starting a business is the idea itself. Truth be told, ideas are all around us and right under our nose. Sometimes the idea comes from solving a personal problem to improving something without needing to re-invent the wheel. Thankfully these 56 entrepreneurs share their ‘aha’ moment...I found it hard to believe that paper billing cards and forms were still ‘state of the art’ in this day and age...How much revenue were physicians losing as a result of this archaic process? I knew I wanted to leverage technology to help improve the way medicine is practiced in this country in a major way... For more visit: Secret Entourage: Entrepreneur.

Billing App For Doctors Should Catch Hospitals’ Eye

By: Anne Zieger
Hospital EMR and EHR

Today, I’m going to do something I seldom do — talk about a specific app and what it represents in terms of trends. The product, SwiftPayMD, is interesting not only because it seems to be solving an important problem, but also because it may be one of the early entrants in a new category of mobile software. The product, which runs on the iPhone/iPad, is made by a startup called Iconic Data. Iconic describes SwiftPayMD as a “mobile revenue cycle management app” which lets doctors submit diagnosis and billing codes directly to their office while still at their local hospital. Hmmm. A mobile revenue cycle management app. What, you mean a product that acknowledges that doctors on the move need not only to access, review and enter clinical data, but also to keep the money coming in? It’s astounding! It’s revolutionary! It’s…a no-brainer... For more visit: Hospital EMR and EHR.

New App Makes Immediate Billing Possible

By: Eric Wicklund , Contributing Editor
Healthcare Finance News

Mobile health advocates are always urged to “follow the money” in determining whether new solutions will gain a foothold in the healthcare marketplace. An Atlanta-based healthcare IT startup is taking that advice literally... For more visit: Healthcare Finance News.

17 Game-Changing Health Start-ups

By: Christina DesMarais , Contributor
Inc Magazine

SwiftPayMD, Iconic Data’s new iPhone and iPad app, lets doctors use voice recording to dictate diagnoses and billing codes immediately after examining a patient. Rather than waiting to hand over to a billing department a stack of paper billing cards... For more visit: Inc Magazine.

Iconic Data is using the cloud to help physician practices bridge the “EMR digital divide”

By: Brian Edwards

Atlanta-based Iconic Data (@iconicdata) is a startup emulating the Dropbox model by using cloud computing and mobile devices with the fundamental goal of improving the bottom line of the physician practice... For more visit: iMedicalApps.

Vendor Notebook: Iconic Data launches flagship product

By: Mike Millard , Managing Editor
Healthcare IT News

Iconic Data, a mobile health startup, announce the launch of ICON, its flagship offering which replaces inefficient paper-based physician billing cards and forms. ICON is a secure and encrypted digital physician billing card solution... For more visit: Healthcare IT News.