Patient Case Manager

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Patient Case Manager

Real Time Analytics, Patient Flow Optimization, and Virtual Care Coordination Platform

The Iconic Data Patient Case Manager (PCM)™ is a hospital information system integrated platform used across desktop and mobile devices that standardizes, streamlines and monitors key clinical and administrative workflows. PCM improves patient safety, reduces medical errors and enables reliable care processes.

The PCM platform's real time analytics eliminate the need for tedious manual data collection and reporting. This helps management team members, business and quality analysts, and frontline staff members focus their energies on the here and now, rather than what happened three months ago.

Leveraging PCM's real time data, managers and facility leaders are able to make better decisions now, as opposed 'Monday night quarterbacking' decisions made yesterday.

PCM helps healthcare provider organizations measure, achieve and maintain operational efficiencies. With PCM, continuous quality and operations improvement becomes the new status quo.

The Iconic Data PCM™ modules include:

Customers can purchase the entire PCM suite of modules, or start with the bundle of modules that best addresses their most pressing and urgent needs.

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