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Leading Healthcare IT Firm Relies on SwiftPayMD™ For New Product Launch

Iconic Data's technology to be deployed by growing healthcare electronic medical records and revenue cycle management firm

ATLANTA, GA - (PRLog) Fast growing Azalea Health announces strategic partnership with Iconic Data Inc. and the launch of Azalea M(SM) built on Iconic Data’s SwiftPayMD™ enterprise software platform.

Azalea M is a mobile revenue cycle management solution which allows healthcare providers to send patient charge information directly to their billing staff from a mobile device. Azalea M was developed using Iconic Data’s SwiftPayMD software architecture.

"SwiftPayMD’s ease, reliability, and secure operating features made the platform an ideal choice to support Azalea M. We are very proud of our strategic partnership with Azalea," says David LaBorde, MD, CEO of Iconic Data. The two innovative healthcare software firms began their partnership discussions earlier this year.

"We were impressed with SwiftPayMD's streamlined and intuitive application, and felt that Iconic Data was a natural choice for partnership with Azalea," says Baha Zeidan, CEO of Azalea Health.

About SwiftPayMD

SwiftPayMD is an enterprise software platform which helps healthcare provider organizations get paid faster and empowers healthcare executives to better manage the revenue cycle. SwiftPayMD enables timely claims submission by securely capturing physician billing data both verbally and via computer vision at the point of care. Iconic Data was recognized by Inc. Magazine, received financing from BlueCross BlueShield Venture Partners, and Flashpoint, a Georgia Tech accelerator program. For more information, please visit http://www.SwiftPayMD.com.

About About Azalea Health

Azalea Health is a leading provider of cloud-based healthcare solutions and services. Azalea Health provides electronic health records, practice management systems, electronic prescribing, laboratory ordering and resulting, patient health records portal, as well as revenue cycle management services, and precertification services. For more information, visit http://www.AzaleaHealth.com or call (877) 777-7686.