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Iconic Data Launches Secure Mobile Solution to Replace Paper-Based Physician Billing Process

Digital Billing Card Solution Helps Physicians Capture Lost Charges, Increase Patient Safety

CHICAGO, IL - (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) Iconic Data, the healthcare IT startup that provides healthcare professionals with secure mobile technology solutions to improve productivity, profitability and patient safety, today announced the launch of ICON™, its flagship offering that replaces inefficient paper-based physician billing cards and forms.

ICON™ is a secure and encrypted digital physician billing card solution that helps physicians more efficiently and accurately manage the patients they care for across one or more facilities. It allows for secure access to critical data and billing information from any device with Internet access. The elimination of the paper-based process streamlines workflow and makes patient sign-outs safer and more convenient.

"Sixty-two percent of US physicians care for patients in both their offices and in one or more hospitals. Billing information from hospitals is siloed and does not flow to the physician's practice, so physicians must manually collect data needed by their practice's billing personnel. This manual, paper-based process often results in lost charges and inefficiencies," said David LaBorde, CEO and co-founder of Iconic Data. "Our mobile solution fills a critical gap among information systems and enables physicians to better care for their patients, prevent medical errors and accelerate practice cash flow by an average of 14 days."

About Iconic Data

Founded in 2010, Iconic Data provides secure and encrypted mobile technology solutions for healthcare professionals. Hospitals, physician groups, and individual physicians use ICON™ to replace paper-based billing cards, to create convenient and accurate sign-out reports and to manage their patient lists. Iconic Data was recently selected as one of ten healthcare companies to participate in the inaugural class of Healthbox, a world-class business accelerator for healthcare startups, launched by Chicago-based business incubator and venture-capital firm, Sandbox Industries. Iconic Data provides the only digital billing card solution that fills the critical gap between the point of care and the physician's back office, while improving charge capture and patient safety. Iconic Data is a privately held company with offices in Atlanta and Chicago. For more information about Iconic Data, please visit http://iconicdata.com.